At Hatch Baby, we engineered the Smart Changing Pad to measure and record the most precise measurements possible so you can feel confident about your baby’s growth and development. In order to record these highly precise measurements, the Smart Changing Pad relies on a sophisticated algorithm to detect the moment your baby is still and then locks in on your baby’s weight. If your baby is especially active or squirmy, it is difficult for the Smart Changing Pad to record a precise weight; this is true of any scale. In the past, the Smart Changing Pad would simply send an error message if it couldn’t assess the weight, which we know is totally frustrating for you.

Therefore, we created the concept of a “Wiggly Weight,” which provides you with a very good estimation of your baby’s weight if they happen to be especially rambunctious on the Smart Changing Pad. A Wiggly Weight is ideal when you are looking for a quick weight check but don’t need the most precise measurement at that time. If your baby’s movement exceeds our precision thresholds, you will see “Wiggly Weight” displayed on the Smart Changing Pad screen above the final weight. This indicates that the weight is an excellent estimation but not a precise measurement, like the Smart Changing Pad typically records. If your baby is really active, you may encounter an error message on the screen indicating that something went wrong and then you will be asked to weigh again.

We do not use the same type of estimation to measure a feeding. This is because when you are feeding your baby, we know it is crucial to understand exactly how much your baby is consuming and we want to provide you with the most accurate measurement possible. That said, if you would like to use Wiggly Weights as part of your feedings (after all, a hungry baby can be an especially squirmy baby!), you can always use the weight function before and after your feeding. You will simply need to calculate the feeding amount (or the difference between the start and end weight), which you can then manually record in the Hatch Baby app.

If for any reason you don’t want to record a Wiggly Weight, you can cancel the feeding on the Smart Changing Pad or delete the entry from your app. You can also just use the feeding function to take a precise weight. Please note that feeding start and end weights are not recorded in the app (only the difference between the start and end weights is recorded), so you may want to record the weight manually in the app if you use this option.

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