Say Hello to the Smart Changing Pad

At Hatch Baby, we're reinventing the nursery starting with the Smart Changing Pad. This innovative and modern twist on the traditional changing pad helps parents accurately track their babies' growth, feedings, diapers, and sleep on their smartphones.

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Love it!

“I love seeing how my 1-week old baby's weight changes every day—especially compared to other babies in the ‘Stats’ section. I can't believe how quickly he's growing.”

—Christina, mother of 1-week old boy

Peace of Mind

“I felt anxious about whether I was making enough milk. The Smart Changing Pad helped me to see that she was getting more from nursing than I was able to pump. I was excited—and relieved.”

—Jill, mother of 2-month old girl

So Helpful

“I have been using the pad consistently to track their diapers and it has actually been helpful because both girls had diarrhea. It was important to be able to tell the doctor, ‘they had 6 dirty diapers yesterday’ rather than just say ‘they had a lot'.”

—Denise, mother of 5-month old twin girls

Peace of mind

Keep track of all the information you and your pediatrician care about.


Track your baby's weight gain. Compare her growth percentile to worldwide (WHO) data and Hatch babies like yours.


Track how much your baby is drinking at every feeding. Know your baby is eating enough and watch her grow.


Easily record diaper changes to share with your pediatrician. Know your baby is drinking enough by tracking every change.


Easily chart your baby's growth over time. Watch how he grows and changes week-to-week.


Track sleeping time and discover your baby's sleep patterns to help her get the best rest.


Share your baby's account across multiple devices. Use your Hatch app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.