Hey there,

Nap time, bed time, and night time can be some of the most crucial (and trying!) times with kids. We get it - we totally know how important your sleep routine is - so we wanted to check in about your Hatch Baby Rest.

When your Hatch Baby Rest app connects to Rest, it runs a quick diagnostics check to make sure everything is working correctly. When running this routine check on your Rest, we were alerted to a problem with the sound on your device.

You may not have even noticed it - but we'd like to send you a free replacement. It's so important to us that your family's sleep routine stays on track. Please enter your shipping information on the form below and we will send a replacement Rest ASAP.

You can keep your current Rest and continue using it, if you'd like. If the sound does have a problem, the night light function will continue to work properly. Please accept our sincere apologies; we want your Rest to work perfectly every time you use it.

We're also sending a big thank you for being a Hatch Baby customer. Our goal - always - is to make life easier for parents. We love to hear your feedback and are constantly trying to improve. If you have any suggestions along the way, let us know!

If you've already received this email or believe you have received it in error, please disregard!

Get a Replacement!

Dave and the Hatch Baby Team

Have a suggestion, question or a problem? We'd love to help! Email us at support@hatchbaby.com.