No Weight Change Detected and Possible Setup Issue

We know it’s frustrating to see “no weight change detected” when you expect to see a weight gain! If your unit has identified that you may have a setup issue the first step is to check your overall setup. If you do have a setup issue it can be impacting all of your weights, so please follow the below steps before continuing to use the Smart Changing Pad.

The first step is to check your setup:

  1. Make sure that the Smart Changing Pad is on a flat, hard, level surface (a solid wood table or dresser is great).
  2. Ensure the Smart Changing Pad is NOT touching anything like the wall, rails of your changing table or a pack of wipes.
  3. If using the seatbelt, make sure the belt is flat against the bottom of the pad AND buckled over the pad (any twists in the seatbelt or loose ends hanging down will compromise scale performance). The seatbelt is a common offender - we recommend taking it off temporarily for testing.


Test your perfected setup:

  1. Grab a heavy book or a filled water bottle (make sure it's at least a few pounds).
  2. Weigh it 3 times in a row using the weight function.
  3. Contact and we will review your diagnostics to ensure your Smart Changing Pad is weighing appropriately.

Here is a short video we made to demonstrate the "book test"

Other reasons you may see “no weight change detected.” Sometimes even with a perfect setup you can still get this message.  Here are some common occurrences:

If you have any concerns about your baby’s weight or how much they are eating, please contact your pediatrician.