Hatch Grow

Meet Grow, the second generation Smart Changing Pad, the modern nursery innovation that is changing the way you watch your baby grow. Combining a traditional diaper changing pad with a built-in, wireless smart scale, Grow allows you to easily track infant health metrics, providing reassurance to new parents from home.

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Gave me confidence

“I was on the verge of giving up on breastfeeding but this product has given me the confidence to continue.”

—Angela, mother of 1-month old boy

Peace of Mind

“Our baby had problems gaining weight in the first month. It was important for us to see her weight every day and the comfort of doing that at home was a huge relief.”

—Jason, dad to 2-month old girl

Feeling Connected

“When we first took the baby home, there wasn't a lot that my husband could do since she depended on me to feed. Having this product helped my husband feel connected to the baby in the early weeks.”

—Kayla, mother to 1-month old girl

Peace of mind

Keep track of all the information you and your pediatrician care about.


Track your baby's weight gain. Compare her growth percentile to worldwide (WHO) data and Hatch babies like yours.


Track how much your baby is drinking at every feeding. Know your baby is eating enough and watch her grow.


Easily record diaper changes to share with your pediatrician. Know your baby is drinking enough by tracking every change.


Easily chart your baby's growth over time. Watch how he grows and changes week-to-week.


Track sleeping time and discover your baby's sleep patterns to help her get the best rest.


Share your baby's account across multiple devices. Use your Hatch app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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